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Judge considers jailing Chicago policeman for giving newspaper interview before his murder trial

Judge considers jailing Chicago policeman for giving newspaper interview before his murder trial The threats out there are real. He is scared for his safety.” Coming from the suburbs, the team of special prosecutors may not fully appreciate the threat to Van Dyke, Herbert said — a remark that prompted Cullen to roll his eyes before objecting. Gaughan sustained the objection and warned of “unintended consequences.” “What you’re saying is I should take your client into custody because he’s in danger for his life,” the judge said. The hearing started acrimoniously as Gaughan castigated Herbert for failing to file his written response to the special prosecutor’s contempt request with the circuit clerk’s office. The defense didn’t have the response ready to file until Saturday when the clerk’s office was closed. Gaughan also threatened Saturday to hold Herbert in contempt for suggesting that the judge had been communicating with prosecutors in secret about scheduling the weekend hearing. The judge called the accusation “disgusting and insulting” and ordered Herbert to sit down at that point. On Thursday, McMahon announced his provocative decision asking the court to hold Van Dyke in contempt and revoke or increase his bail. In the court filings, he singled out a dozen comments made by Van Dyke in his interview Tuesday with a Tribune reporter.

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Leonardo's Salvator Mundi: expert uncovers ‘exciting’ new evidence Did Louvre Abu Dhabi’s $450m painting belong to an English nobleman who followed Charles I to the scaffold in 1649? Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi (circa 1500) © Courtesy of Christie's Images LTD 2017 As Louvre Abu Dhabi unveils Leonardo’s painting of the Salvator Mundi this month, fresh evidence has emerged that throws into question the early whereabouts of the painting and its royal pedigree. Until now, it was thought that the painting was “possibly” made for Leonardo’s patron King Louis XII of France and his consort Anne of Brittany, who “most likely” commissioned it from the artist soon after the French conquest of Milan, around 1500 (according to the sale catalogue published by Christie’s in November 2017). The Leonardo Salvator Mundi next emerges in 17th-century England, as the property of Charles I, at the height of the Civil War. It is a richly suggestive narrative: made for a king and fit for a king. Scholars propose that when the French princess Henrietta Maria married King Charles I in 1625, she may have brought the picture with her, and that it remained in her Greenwich apartments—as royal property—until the king’s execution in 1649. It has been identified with “A peece of Christ done by Leonardo” (recorded in the Commonwealth Sale of 1651). But now, new research by the 17th-century specialist Jeremy Wood situates a Salvator Mundi by Leonardo in the Chelsea home of James, 3rd Marquis, later 1st Duke of Hamilton, between 1638 and 1641, rather than in Queen Henrietta’s chambers. This raises the question of how the picture could be in two places at once: Hamilton’s Chelsea house and Henrietta’s Greenwich closets. James Hamilton (painted by Van Dyck in 1640) owned a work similar in description to Leonardo’s Salvator Mundi The artist; Liechtenstein; Princely Collections Margaret Dalivalle, whose expertise on the Salvator Mundi’s provenance is one of the pillars of connoisseurship that underline the attribution to Leonardo, spotted the importance of Wood’s “exciting discovery” in his essay (Buying and Selling Art in Venice, London and Antwerp… c.1637-52, recently published by the Walpole Society), which presents an inventory of the paintings in Hamilton’s home from around 1638 to 1641. Dalivalle says: “I immediately recognised the significance of one item hanging in the Lower Gallery: ‘Christ: with a globe in his hande done by Leonardus Vinsett’”—the artist now known uniformly as Leonardo da Vinci.

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