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Should we still be traveling to North Korea?

2018-04-26T052614Z_1359430487_RC12EE1BFF00_RTRMADP_3_NORTHKOREA-SOUTHKOREA Source: KCNA/via Reuters Things haven’t got a whole lot better since then. In 2015 a drought caused extremely low harvests, with refugee accounts recalling constant starvation. The  World Food Program  states 70 percent of the population is “food insecure”, suffering from chronic malnutrition. Lately, however, North Korea has been in the headlines for slightly more positive reasons. Kim Jong-un’s younger sister  Kim Yo-jong charmed the media  at the Winter Olympics in South Korea and stole a piece of everyone’s heart with her humble demeanor and constant smiles. More recently, Kim Jong-un announced a summit in South Korea with President Moon Jae-in to discuss suspending nuclear and missile tests. While these slivers of optimism are worth grabbing onto, it is important not to forget the history North Korea has inflicted on its people. Beyond Kim Jong-un’s reclusive regime threatening global war, North Korea’s extreme control over its people is enforced via arbitrary arrests routinely resulting in torture, harsh detention centers or public executions. “Kim Jong-un’s power is built on fear and terrible rights abuses,” said Phil Robertson,  Human Rights Watch  Deputy Director, Asia Division. “With its gulags, forced labour, and public executions, the North Korean government presents a throwback to the worst abuses of the 20th century.” North Korea also punishes citizens for possessing unauthorised information from the outside world such as mobile phones, Hollywood movies and Western music.

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